Why starlight

The Starlight Collection

Since 1996, Starlight Trading company has offered a collection of holiday decorations that is consistently unique with a high sell through rate. Throughout our history, Starlight Trading Company has maintained strong relationships with unique suppliers and established concrete supply chains to ensure that the products are received in full and on time.  As a result, most of our customers have deemed us a trustworthy supplier who is been consistent with the delivery of our goods. 

With a combination of our low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and renowned Starlight Show Specials, we can fulfill a need for retailers across North America and even, Europe. With a large selection of Christmas and Halloween Décor that differ from big box retailers, we continue to dazzle our old customers and impress our new customers! 

Our customer-focused approach guides everything we do — including our two-way communication when issues arise, the flexibility of our payment terms, and our consistent delivery times.

Customer-First Success

We believe in complete transparency with our customers. We consider you our partners and this commitment allows us to approach you with honesty and integrity in every interaction, from the order process to payments all the way through the delivery of goods, we want to make sure you are informed. We are family-owned business and to ensure success and growth, we know communication is key.

All communications from Starlight occurs in-house. We do not have sales reps so you will receive an easy buying experience with a quick response rate. We work hard to ensure you have realistic expectations and timelines to make the best decision for your business. We want to build trust and we know that all great things are well worth the time and effort. A personalized experience is something Starlight values for our customers. 

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