terms and conditions


If you are retailer who owns a GST number, you can order through our website or through the spring/fall gift shows in Toronto & Edmonton. Please visit www.starlightgifts.ca/trade-shows for details. Upon receiving your online order, we will re-send a revised copy via email/fax that includes tax but NOT shipping.   We will be requesting a ship date from you as well. Please note that we only accept opening orders that are $300 dollars or more. Add-ons do not have a minimum order.


Products can be ordered from our online website, email, & tradeshows. Please note products may vary slightly from the catalogue. Products are subject to availability and we reserve the right to cancel items if they are not available, without notifying the customer. Starlight Trading also reserves the right to change item numbers (sku) without notifying the customer. Customers who order at the spring gift show will be given priority for product stock; however, if the ship date is set for after October 1, products may be sold to customers who have ordered after the spring gift show. We will try our best to fulfill each customer’s order, but our inventory system makes it difficult to do so.


Changes in customer contact information MUST be informed to Starlight before shipping or calculating shipping costs. Failure to inform us will result in the fault of the recipient of the shipment and any extra costs derived will be their responsibility.


Special orders require a deposit that is non-refundable. If orders are cancelled, you choose to forfeit your deposit. However, if we are unable to fulfill the order, we will refund the amount back to you. Deposits will be deducted off the total order once shipped and the remaining amount will be charged.


Starlight Trading only accepts Visa or MasterCard as credit card options. Cheques are accepted if terms are agreed between both parties, however, there is a $25 penalty for NSF cheques. Direct deposits are also possible.


Shipping and Handling is NOT included on the sales order when placed at trade shows or on our website. They are calculated once the order has been confirmed and a credit card has been received for the order. Once the order is packed, we can estimate the total shipping cost and the credit card will be charged at that time. Customers may request shipping estimates/quotes before orders are processed for packing/shipping; however, this may delay the ship out time, at Starlight Trading’s discretion. We reserve the right to use our discretion as to the carrier to be used on any shipment. Freight charges are paid by recipients. You may use your preferred carrier, if you agree to assume any additional transportation charges. We do offer express shipping options; please contact us at sales@starlightgifts.ca for details.


The time between August 30th – October 30th, confirmed orders may require an extra 1-2 weeks before they are shipped. This time is our high season and we do not have the manpower to complete everyone’s order on time. However, when we call you regarding your order, we will notify you the estimate ship time and which date it will be received. We will do our best to make sure you receive your order on time.


Overdue accounts will have an additional 2% interest added per month. Accounts may be sent to collections if deemed necessary.


By using Starlightgifts.ca or interacting with us at the gift shows (eg. handing out business cards, placing an order) you are accepting the practices described in our privacy notice. Please visit www.starlightgifts.ca/legal/privacy to learn more.