The physical sate of goods received by customer of Starlight Trading Co. Ltd., are deemed satisfactory unless we are notified of any discrepancies within 30 days of the receiving date. Minor physical flaws are only eligible for discount. Products with electronic deficiencies are eligible for a claim within 90 days of the receiving date. In order to establish paper trail, physical copies of claims are mandatory in order for a claim to be processed. Pictures may be requested. For any claim, please email claims@starlightgifts.ca, fax 604-241-8725, or visit our website at Claim an Item for an easier way to submit a claim.

During the claim process, the return and/or disposal of goods must be authorized by Starlight Trading Co. Ltd., before any action is committed. Furthermore, claims must be authorized and approved before any deductions are made on a customer account. We are not liable for any loss of unauthorized claims. Please note, refunds for shipping charges are not eligible for claims. For a better understanding of the claim process, please visit www.starlightgifts.ca/claims-policy

Overdue accounts will have an additional 2% interest added per month. Penalty of $25 added for NFS cheques. Freight charges are paid by recipients.