Orange/Brown Fabric Standing Thanksgiving Gnome holding a Pumpkin

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Product Minimum: 2
Length : 7in| Width : 4.25in| Height : 10in

Celebrating the holiday season means amping up the festivities in and around your home. You can find those cute Xmas decorations by looking at our 30″ White Hat Fabric Standing Gnome with Chef’s Hat Collection where you can find indoor Christmas decor ideas like this Gnome Gnomes. You can decorate your space the right way with this Brown/White Hat Gnomes & Elves which is perfect for a or Traditional interior room theme. Place it in your living room, near your windows, or on your mantel, it will look cute anywhere! Made from durable, great quality Fabric that can?t be beat, you can rest assured knowing that your Gnomes is something that you can keep in your family year after year.

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? SKU: DK3607
? Description: Orange/Brown Fabric Standing Thanksgiving Gnome holding a Pumpkin
? UNIQUE DESIGN: A rustic halloween skeleton skull
? HAPPY HALLOWEEN DECOR: Halloween Decor Ideas that can be satisfied with these unique home decor pieces.
? SPOOKY FUN: Add something special to your Halloween decor this year, you and your guests will love it!
? Imported
? PRODUCT MATERIAL: Fabric/Plastic
? Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.25 x 10 inches; Weight: 0.88 lbs

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 4.25 × 10 in
Min Order Quantity


Year Introduced



Less than 1 Foot Tall (9~12 Inch)










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