3.5” Red Bird Ornament Chickadee

3.5” Red Bird Ornament Chickadee

Chirp Chirp! Have you ever seen a cardinal? Most say that it was an ancestor just stopping by say hi! You can Naturalize your home with this feathery flying friends to commemorate cherished family times. Our Bird Christmas Ornaments that are unique ornaments can be found on our online store where you can buy each one individually or in bulk!

One cute Christmas ornaments we have is this Bird Ornament which is a stunning Red color that is perfect for your Rustic living room theme. This festive ornament even comes Chickadee on it! You can find more Birds by checking out our Animals & Pets Ornament Collection. Made from great quality hand blown Plastic material that can’t be beat, you can rest assured knowing that your German Style Xmas Ornament is something that you can keep in your family year after year.


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• SKU: DD9516R
• Description: 3.5'' Red Plastic Bird Ornament Chickadee
• TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFT: This product is HANDMADE and carefully constructed to come to an amazing decor piece for your holiday collection
• PERFECT HANGING ORNAMENT: Lightweight Ornament that will not sag down Christmas tree branches
• TREE DECOR: A great Christmas Tree Ornament that is a hallmark type of beauty. Whether you are looking for red, white, hooded, products, such as cardinals, you can find them here!
•  Imported
•  Product Dimensions: 2 X 1.75 X 3.5; Weight: 0.125 lbs


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